United Dairy Families of California is taking on the complex quota issue with the goal of achieving unity within the industry. With so many external forces working against California dairy farmers, it is more important now than ever for the industry to unite.


Our Mission

  • A united California dairy industry

Our Purpose

  • To oppose any referendum that would eliminate quota without compensation

  • To provide a forum for all California dairy families to discuss the future of quota

Our Beliefs

  • Every dairy producer deserves to have a voice in the future of the quota system

  • Quota has an asset value

  • Any changes to quota or QIP should require economic analysis and a hearing process

  • The California dairy industry will face extreme challenges in the next few years in the areas of water, antibiotics, animal welfare, environmental and climate change regulations, and plant-based alternatives to milk. A unified industry is necessary for our survival

The Plan

  • A community-driven path to a solution

Our roadmap

Phase 1: Think Tank

Phase 1 gives every producer the opportunity to contribute ideas about the future of quota. Sign up to participate on one of our regional committees and be part of the solution.

Once the regional committees have collected ideas, a team of qualified producers and supporters will organize the proposals into categories and send them back to the committees.


Phase 2: producer feedback

In the Producer Feedback phase, producers participating on the committees will have an opportunity to poke holes in the various proposals, giving everyone a chance to discuss what works and what doesn’t with each idea.

The ideas that survive the Shark Tank phase will move on to phase 3.


Phase 3: Analysis

During this phase, ideas will be analyzed for legal merit and economic impacts by nationally recognized dairy economist Dr. Marin Bozic and dairy market analyst Matt Gould. Once the analysis phase is complete, meetings will be held throughout the state, giving every dairy producer the chance to hear the details of each proposal, ask questions, and provide feedback.


Phase 4: Consensus

Information gathered from the hearings and industry surveys will determine which single proposal is favored by the majority.


Phase 5: Adoption

The final phase will implement a plan of adoption for the favored proposal.


Now you know the story

It’s Time for you to Take Action