Quota History & Facts

Quota was established by the Gonsalves milk pooling act in 1967

$1.70 fixed differential for Quota went into effect 1994

Quota Implementation Plan (QIP) went into effect with the implementation of the Federal Order November 1, 2018

Geoff Vanden Heuvel from Milk Producers Council recently wrote an article titled “What’s Going on with Quota?” that has information and links to read about the history of Quota.

What’s Going on with Quota?

CDFA History of California Milk Pooling Program (2012 update)

The Story of California’s Milk Stabilization Laws (1972)

Legislative Analyst’s Report on Producer Milk Pricing in California (1975)

In this Testimony Dr. Eric Erba gives a history of Quota and the California Dairy Marketing System

Testimony of Dr. Eric Erba in Support of Proposal 1 of California Dairies, Inc., Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., and Land O'Lakes, Inc. for Proposal to Establish a Federal Milk Marketing Order for the State of California (2015)

Quota Implementation Plan (QIP) as adopted 9-21-2017

QIP Assesments (11-1-2018)