STOP QIP petition fails for lack of signatures

Today the California Department of Food and Agriculture announced that the STOP QIP petition did not receive enough qualified signatures to be referred to the Producer Review Board.

The mission of United Dairy Families of California is to provide a forum for developing new ideas for quota that includes all dairy families. The disqualification of the STOP QIP petition does not change our mission or our process.

Now more than ever United Dairy Families of California needs your support. Even though this petition is no longer a concern, the movement to end quota without consideration of its value continues.

Please join us in our mission. If you haven't yet, please sign the support letter and join the organization by clicking the links below.


United Dairy Families of California

Below is the text of the announcement from CDFA which can be found here


Notice of Results from a Petition to Call for a Referendum to Terminate the Quota Implementation Plan

May 22, 2019

On March 29, 2019 the Department received a petition to terminate the Quota Implementation Plan (QIP). Per the procedures for handling petitions, the Department has performed a review of the petition signatures and has determined that the twenty five percent (25%) threshold has not been achieved. Therefore, the petition will not be referred to the Producer Review Board.

In calculating the qualified signatures, the Department utilized producer data from February 2019 as it was the most current producer information available. The review identified 1,197 dairy farms with various producer ownership status. When farms with common ownership were combined and counted as one producer, the Department identified 992 producers eligible for participation in the petition process.

The Department performed a review of the 283 signatures submitted as part of the petition. Of those, 243 signatures were validated. During its review, the Department utilized a variety of source documents to determine if the signatures submitted were valid under the requirements of the QIP and various Food and Agriculture Code sections (62716, 62717, 61834, 61836) pertaining to referendums. Signatures disqualified included Grade B shippers, dairy farms that had gone out of business, signatures that did not have the petition text included, signatures that did not match Department producer files, and signatures from individuals that were not listed as an owner per Department ownership files. When the 243 signatures were merged for common ownership, this resulted in signatures from 197 producers.

The result of the petition review process revealed that nearly twenty percent (20%), or 197 of the 992 market milk producers submitted valid signatures.