United Dairy Families of California is hosting live events for each phase of our process. Please register for the event in your area.

Phase 1 - Think tank - Events - COMPlete

Phase one of the quota plan. Think Tank phase. At these meetings producers had an opportunity to share their ideas about the future of quota. There was a presentation about the history of quota. There is a video available online and you can participate in the 4 questions that were presented at these meetings. Click the button below to view the video and participate in the questions.

Phase 2 - Producer feedback - Events

Our Phase 1 Think Tank events were a great success! The responses and ideas that our community contributed will help shape the history of our industry in California, and we are honored to facilitate having your voice heard.

We are now working diligently towards integrating the data collected in Phase 1 into a series of presentations. At the Phase 2 Producer Feedback meetings, Dr. Bozic and Matt Gould will present the concepts generated in the Phase 1 meetings alongside the presentations. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback on these ideas.

We were originally planning on releasing the presentations in early September to supply you with the information necessary to provide credible feedback. Due to the overwhelming amount of community involvement in Phase 1, the task is taking us a little longer than we expected! The Phase 2 meetings have been postponed until the presentations are ready to be delivered.

Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified when the presentations are available and to receive updates to the Phase 2 meeting schedule.

Phase 3 - analysis - Events

Phase three of the quota plan. Analysis. At this meeting all in depth analysis will be presented on proposals.

Meetings will be scheduled for October 2019.