Let's face it, the quota issue is dividing our industry. Let's work together to find a solution. You can help bridge the gap by supporting United Dairy Families of California.


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We believe our plan offers the best possible solution for discovering new ideas for quota. Whether you are a non-quota holder, 100% quota, or somewhere in the middle, you will benefit from supporting our plan.

Become a member for as little as $.50/cow.

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Participate in your regional committee to uncover new ideas and find a solution the entire industry can get behind. Committee members are the key to the process, and we encourage all types of producers with zero to 100% quota to participate.

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The dairy industry is stronger together. Facing challenges in the areas of water, animal welfare, and environmental regulations, we need unity more now than ever. Pledge your support of United Dairy Families of California by signing the support letter. Click this button or sign electronically below.


Support the United Dairy Families of California in our mission to find new possibilities for quota in California. Please read the release information at the bottom of this page.

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